Brand New Free Masterclass with HeartQ Founders: Renowned Leading Cardiologist & Heart Consciousness Coaches,

Dr. Madalina and Cris 


How To Activate Your Innate Heart Intelligence & Discover Your Authentic Path


Ignite your awareness of unconscious inner barriers holding you back, discover the true path to inner evolution, and activate your heart intelligence for a life of wholeness, vitality, and inner peace


10,000 +

Patient Lives Transformed


38 Minutes



13 Minutes

 Heart Connection Meditation

In This Masterclass, You’ll Discover:

Uncover The Unconscious Inner Barriers That Hold Most People Back

Awaken to the unconscious patterns, negative beliefs, and conditioning that may be holding you back from experiencing your true self and the life of your dreams. Unveil the truth beneath the layers so you can get clear on how to realign with your authentic path, and experience inner freedom, harmony, and aliveness.

Discover The True Path to Inner Evolution, Expansion & Authentic Expression

Develop your awareness of the science and wisdom behind heart connection, and how pain, stress, and struggles are inherently linked to the disconnection from the heart. Learn about the source of everything that you are and the key to unlocking a life of vitality, fulfillment, connection, and freedom: Your heart.

Learn How To Reestablish Your Heart Connection & Awaken The Essence Of Who You Are At The Core

Discover a simple roadmap to guide you towards your authentic path, and daily practices that help you revive your internal relationship and connection with your heart. Relearn how to listen to your heart, sink deeper within, and open up to the experience of your authentic self.

Experience a 13-Minute Guided Heart-Connection Meditation

Shift from living life in your head to experiencing life from the heart. Deepen your connection, and begin feeling into your heart, to experience your authentic self with this immersive meditation. Drop deeper into your heart to connect, ground, heal, discover, and awaken to a life of aliveness, wholeness, and knowing.


…And MUCH more!

Meet Your Guides:

Dr. Madalina & Cris


Dr. Madalina, a leading Cardiologist, and her husband Cris, an Entrepreneur turned Heart Intelligence Coach, are both best-selling authors, facilitators of various conscious, healing modalities, and rising leaders in the Heart Intelligence space.

Their journey began after Madalina was suffering from severe physical pain, chronic burnout, and constant unfulfillment, despite material success.

Alongside their collective journey of growth and inner expansion over the past 10 years, Madalina’s role as a ‘doctor of the heart’ led her to develop a unique perspective on the deeper source of pain and disease: Disease is deeply linked to disconnection from the heart.

Today, they have combined their insights from their spiritual paths in the realms of consciousness, energy healing, and psychology, with Madalina’s extensive background in science and medicine – which they’ve culminated into the HeartQ method. 

Together, they are on a mission to heal humanity by guiding people to activate their heart intelligence in order to live a heart-centered, aligned, fulfilling life.

They offer this masterclass as part of this mission, as an invitation for you to begin your journey to connect with the power that lies in your heart.

What Others Are Saying About Dr. Madalina & Cris


Madalina and Cris are two of the most inspiring, gifted and humble people I’ve ever had the privilege to know. I loved how they weave in their extensive wisdom, skills and life experiences to synthesize the science, psychology and spirituality of HeartQ and living with Heart Intelligence. In addition Madalina brings in decades of medical practice as a nationally recognized and acclaimed cardiologist and leader in her field, during which she trained me as well.


“Madalina & Cris's loving guidance throughout the workshop made it safe and even playful for us to open, to look within and to be honest with ourselves and with our journey. They have such a loving presence and flow seamlessly together to hold space for powerful transformation.
I experienced powerful deep intuitive insights and so much enjoyed the beautiful experience of connection to myself and everyone else present. Thank you so much for the amazing experience and the loving atmosphere in the workshop!”


“I loved how Cris & Madalina have such a beautiful and welcoming energy, and they created a safe and sacred space for all the shifts and transformations. The workshop was amazingly beautiful, inspiring, filled with deep insights and transformation. The content and exercises are really great and loved the guided meditations! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to shift from stress and anxiety to inner peace and heart guidance!”

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